5 Web Design Trends You Need To Know Today
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5 Web Design Trends You Need To Know Today

May 26, 2018   /   BY SecondCrew

Do you remember the last time that you redesigned your website? Maybe this is the time to check the latest web design trends and update some web features that are no longer current.

Don’t let 2017 end having a dull and nonfunctional website. Your brand needs to stay in tune with the latest advances in digital marketing and design.

Second Crew compiled some web design trends that you won’t want to miss before the end of the year.

Web Design Trends: What’s in

Full-Width Images
Some studies have shown that large images capture people’s attention. Full-width photos make visitors stop what they’re doing for a moment and focus on what you are showcasing. That kind of intentional interruption is what you want to generate with full-width image and video on your website to induce your visitors to convert.

Split-Screen Layouts
They are fantastic to let your audience decide wherever they want to go next. Let your users experience a unique and personal experience on your website. Guide your visitors through split screens to the places where it will be easier for them to convert.

Contrasting CTAs
Monochromatic backgrounds will generate a striking contrast effect with your CTAs (call-to-action). Highlight your CTAs, make them attractive to the users and you will take your audience to the next level: Conversions.

The confidence your website generates towards your users determines whether you will get a conversion or not. Use videos as a digital tool to gain trust. Allow your customers to be part of your brand through a more direct and experiential experience.

Responsive Design
Web design should always respond to user’s behavior. Responsive design is fundamental to generate comfort for your users while they visit your website. Responsive design is no longer a whim of web designers. Elements such as screen size, platforms, and content orientation can determine if a user will stay on your site or leave.

What’s out

Hamburger Menu
Hamburger menus are disappearing in the new creations of web design. This type of menu is no longer functional due to multi-tapping and because of its hidden navigation, which makes it SEO-unfriendly to users.

Stock Images
Stock images are out-of-date. If brands want to stand out, they must develop their audiovisual material. Stock imagery, videos, and icons detract from the credibility of your business and brand.

Front-Page Sliders & Parallax Scrolling
These two web features are entirely out of fashion. Both can affect a site’s performance adversely. They tend to be inaccessible, and they aren’t SEO-Friendly techniques.

Staying at the forefront of web design requires constant updating. Each web design innovation is developed to generate more attractive online experiences for users.

Through web design trends you will optimize your website, motivating your audience to be part of your community.

Which of these web features are you ready to apply to your website? Does your site need an overhaul?

Whether you want to eliminate some obsolete items, add new web tools or completely redesign your website, SECOND CREW is ready to help you. Contact us