Social media is everywhere

One where sharing, shopping, and storytelling have melded into a single experience. To stand out in this crowded, yet transitory arena, you need experts who understand the fusion of commerce, social behavior, and digital technology.


Through smart organic or earned content initiatives, amplified by strategic paid social campaigns, Second Crew has become an expert in accelerating growth, acquiring new customers, and nurturing brand advocates for clients of all industries.


Our four areas of social success include:


2017 Facebook Trends

#TBT MOMENT… Remember the first time you signed up in Facebook. How long was it be? Seems like it was yesterday when we started getting some notions about this fantastic social networking website … Now it is absurd considering live without it.


Second Crew can help your B2B or B2C organization succeed in a crowded marketplace through an inquisitive and data-focused approach that fits your goals, budget, and audience.

Our approach to social advertising spans a range of acquiring new business, nurturing interested prospects, and increasing the lifetime value of existing customers.

Why Promote

There is no denying that we’re the best paid social agency out there.

Fast Growth

Fast Growth

Incremental lift doesn’t excite us; we strive to help our clients jump 10 steps ahead of the competition.
Social First

Social First

We’re not media buyers who wound up in social commerce – we’re social natives with years of experience blending our clients’ business goals with today’s plethora of platforms.
Adapt Quickly

Adapt Quickly

Our intricate involvement with social advertising tools keeps us ahead of the curve on the industry’s constant updates and releases.
Cross Promote

Cross Promote

We know when and where to leverage your other channels to maximize your marketing potential.


In the age of pay-to-play, earned social has become increasingly rare as organic reach has dissipated. However, while it must go hand-in-hand with paid social, earned social still plays a vital role in social commerce. Earned social helps your brand gain credibility in the eyes of buyers and bots alike, and plays a role in your overall digital PR strategy.

Across All Platforms We Will Help You:

Craft Unique, Branded Posts
Tailor Content For Groups & Communities
Build Relationships With Influencers
Promote Local & Online Events
Coordinate Your Efforts Across All Channels

Earned Social
We Want

We Want to Hear About Your Needs.

Second Crew believes that to reach results we first need to understand our clients fully. We want to know what it is like to walk in your shoes.